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Naxys Acoustic Leak Detector

Naxys acoustic leak detector (Naxys ALD) detects the sound generated by a leak and analyzes the data by subsea processing software to automatically notify the topside operator. Naxys subsea leak detectors was developed in the early 2000s and since then more than 100 systems have been permanently deployed on the Norwegian Cont. Shelf, Gulf of Mexico and Africa. In addition to permanently installed system communicating through the Subsea Control Module (SCM), Naxys also has ROV operated system for subsea inspection campaigns.


  • Wide area coverage for the entire subsea installation and surrounding infrastructure
  • Directional accuracy and capability to identify a leak’s location
  • Subsea processing: low bandwidth requirement and low power consumption
  • Leak Detection can be combined with vibration monitoring system and/or pump monitoring system

Early detection: avoid loss of product and minimize environmental impact
Proactive positioning: Detect-Act. Build competence and technology experience.
Regulations: Satisfy current and future regulations.


Naxys Acoustic Vibration Monitoring system

Naxys Acoustic Vibration Monitoring system detects and monitors subsea structural vibrations such as Flow Induced Vibration (FIV) and/or Flow Induced Pulsations (FLIP). The system can be combined with the leak detection system.


  • Wide area vibration monitoring
  • Detection and characterization of vibration

Early detection of potential damaing vibrations
Continous mointoring to cover all operational production settings.
Proactive positioning: Detect – Act. Build competence and technology experience.

Pump /

Naxys Acoustic Electric Monitoring system

Naxys Acoustic Electric Monitoring system (Naxys AECM) uses acoustic and electric monitoring techniques to non-intrusively monitor the subsea rotating equipment. The system provides the operator with Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This gives the operator the capability to head off issues earlier, diagnose and tune pump|compressor performance for greater efficiency.


  • Key Performance Indicators, e.g. imbalance detector, event detector, sub-sync. detector, harmonics (acoustic signature), slip ratio (load), measured speed (RPM), measured VSD freq., electric signature, band energy.
  • Audio: Real-time and playback of start-up, shut-in, trip, events, etc.
  • Pump|compressor monitoing can be combined with subsea leak detection.


  • Early detection of change in pump|compressor behavior and automatic warning to Operator.
  • Non-intrusive system. Does not interfere with pump |compressor.
  • Qualified and field-proven.
  • Forms part of Operator’s condition-based operation and predictive maintenance strategy.

About us

Naxys Technologies is supplier of subsea sensor systems for condition monitoring of oil and gas installations and naval defense. The company has a solid technology base and oversees the entire value chain from development, production, testing, delivery to operational follow-up. Naxys Technologies facilities are centrally located a 5 minutes’ drive from the city center of Bergen-Norway.

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