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The company

More than twenty years ago, Naxys was established by engineers previously
working for a subsidiary of Schlumberger (GECO Defence) focusing on cutting
edge acoustic streamer/towed array technology for underwater naval

Soon after its formation, Naxys started a collaboration with major Oil & Gas
companies to utilize the technology for leak detection and condition monitoring
of subsea pumps. Being able to cover a large area, having 3-dimensional
resolution and not requiring line of sight to detect, the technology
demonstrated capacity to fill a demand by the industry. Although proved to
meet the functionality requirements for monitoring subsea oil&gas installations,
the industry’s requirement for 30 years continuous deployment to 3 000 meters
water depth was challenging. A program to solve the challenges was completed
after 7 years of development and put Naxys in position to offer a unique suite of
underwater sensors capable of handling extreme conditions and permanent

General Electric acquired Naxys in 2012 after recognizing the company’s world
leading acoustic technology. In the wake of COVID-19 and oil price collapse, an
agreement was signed that allowed the management team to form Naxys
Technology and continue the business as a fully independent company. Naxys
Technologies is located at the same premises and today employs 23 persons
dedicated to deliver world leading underwater sensor technology.

The team

Andreas Sigvathsen

Technician Electronics

Asbjørn Svein Vik

Test Engineer, BSc

Fredrik Christopher Helland

Commissioning Manager, MSc

Ingvald Gjesdal

Software Engineer, BSc

Kjell Haganes

Project Manager, Msc

Knut Helge Holmefjord


Øystein Solberg

Technician Test and Calibration

Kristina A. Thue

FPGA Engineer, MSc

Margareth Vågan

Technician Electronics

Jostein Gjerald

Electronics Engineer, BSc

Morten Sigvathsen

Software Engineer, BSc

Sivert Hopland

Software Engineer, Bsc

Ole Mjøs

Electronics Engineer, BSc

Pooja Ranganathan

Sourcing and Documentation

Terje Ystebø

Technician Mechanics

Vidar Johanessen

FPGA Engineer, MSc

Geir Kjetil Nilsen

Data Analytics, PhD


Hegrenesveien 50, 5042 Bergen

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