Towed or
stationary array

For more than twenty years our engineers have developed cutting edge towed array and stationary sonar technology. Specifications set out by the oil & gas industry such as qualification for 30 years design life, deployment in ultradeep water, shock and vibration tolerant, and wide temperature range have pushed our design to the physical limits when it comes to the borderline between extreme robustness and performance. For the acoustic sensing elements, requirement for high robustness and long design life inevitably have a negative impact on the sensitivity and performance. The knowledge on how to deliver sensors that balance our customers’ needs for acoustic performance versus design life and robustness has put us in a unique position to provide the ultimate solution for any demanding customer.

Data acquisition performed by autonomous vehicles calls for light weigh, small dimensions, and low power consumption systems. Our technology combines the latest developments within areas such as telecommunication with our extensive know-how on adapting off the shelf electronics for subsea use.

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