Naxys Technology has for more than two decades recorded and analyzed noise related to subsea oil&gas installations as well as vessel- and impulsive noise from explosions and related construction work.

Naxys hydrophones and receiver systems are applied world-wide covering areas such as

Ocean Acoustics

Underwater Noise

Sea-mammal monitoring

Impulsive noise from explosions and seismic surveys

Naxys Ethernet
Hydrophone (Ehyd)

Customized Hydrophone

No hydrophone is perfect for every purpose; however, the best fit can be made by carefully tuning on interdependent parameters. Based on your specifications we can design the ultimate hydrophone for your application. Typical parameters our customers want to have tailored are:

Power supply

Frequency range


Noise characteristics

Noise suppression



Operational depth




Autonomous logging system

Recognizing the fact that there is no logging module fitting all applications, we have instead focused on developing a set of building blocks which we combine to provide you with a solution that fit your specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss how we can tailorize your system based on parameters such as:

Need for wireless data communication

Duration of deployment and duty cycle

Data storage capacity

Sensor data interface and sampling rate

Data processing/compression

Low power mode and wake-up functionality

Logging schedule functionality

Required Power available to attached sensor system

Weight & dimension limitations

Operational depth

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